Marilyn Joy Tyner, MA

Know Him, Love Him, Proclaim Him

David the psalmist wrote, “My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.” Do you long for God? To know Him more intimately, love Him more meaningfully, and proclaim Him more confidently? Ninety-nine devotions on God’s attributes, combined with twenty-one text boxes of compelling apologetics, showcase our Awesom-azing God. You will not only draw closer to the One who created you for loving fellowship, but as He quenches your spiritual thirst, you will naturally impact the world for Christ. In a day and age when opinions about God abound, you will become…

  • enamored with the Savior of our souls
  • equipped to proclaim Jesus as the only way to heaven
  • enriched in your understanding of our awesom-azing God—the Living God who’s beyond awesome and beyond amazing.


Ninety-nine thirst-quenching devotions

sprinkled with apologetics!